Sweater from recycled jeans

55.12 € 68.90 € -20 %
Have you ever wondered how much cotton goes into making jeans? The numbers are huge as we live in the still thriving era of fast fashion. We are glad that reducing and recycling waste, although quite difficult, there are more and more ways to do it! A new creation of the GIJA team - a stylish, sustainable, nature-friendly cotton sweater that carries the message of responsible consumption. Composition: 80% cotton from recycled jeans, 15% cotton, 5% other fibers (denim scraps, etc.)
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Wash separately from coloured clothes with a mild liquid detergent, after washing, fold them back to their original shape. Do not tumble dry, lay flat to dry. Iron by turning the product inside out.


Size table (cm):
A 100 106 112
B 80 86 92
C 77 78 79
D 52 53 54
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