Gija collection

Spring/Summer 2024 clothing collection for women! Lightness, naturalness, history, and sustainability are the keywords we use to describe this collection. Collectively with sustainable fashion designer Reda Paula, we have created garments inspired by the company's history. The patterns and collections created more than 30 years ago, were the inspiration for reborn some openwork motives on newly created classic, minimalist silhouettes. Unique designs with thoughtful details and elegant, historical leaf motifs. This motif is very sensitive, meaningful, and particularly relevant now when the world is increasingly feeling the effects of climate change. The choice of the plant motif encourages us to pay attention to the vegetation and nature around us. Plants improve air quality, reduce noise, regulate the microclimate, humidify the environment, and have a positive effect on our health. The choice of this symbol is a reminder of respect for plants and nature. We use the highest quality linen and cotton raw materials to remind us of this message regularly and to give us an even greater feeling for nature. This choice ensures a perfect microclimate, allows the skin to breathe and the linen provides excellent protection against UV rays. Due to many years of experience in knitwear production and the latest technologies to reduce production waste, we can offer you sustainable, environmentally friendly Lithuanian products. We use only the highest quality natural raw materials, which we source from long-established manufacturers in Italy with Oeko-Tex® and other certifications. The products in the Gija collection are ethically knitted and sewn in Kaunas, Lithuania.
Newly revived, carefully recreated motifs of the ''GIJA" collections patterns that survived the peak of popularity more than 30 years ago...
Inspired by nature. Designed for a feeling of comfort and freedom.
Lightness, sustainability, naturalness and a history of many years of experience...
A unique combination of linen and cotton in classic silhouettes. With a love for nature
And soft news that you will wear not only in summer!

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