Vilkijos gija

PLLC (UAB) Vilkijos gija is a company belonging to the Gija group and which was established in the year of 2002, in Kaunas county, in the township of Vilija. Now it has branches in the city of Jurbarkas and Kalvarija. Vilkijos gija is a specialist of top clothing of men and women, work clothes and articles of special purpose. Besides the clothes, the company manufactures anti-rain cloaks for kiddie carriers, anti-bug nets, seat belts, anti-dirt shells for carriers and other special products. The manufactured products are intended for the Europe’s market. The medical personnel of various countries, the employees of catering establishments are wearing the products of the company and the airline pilots and stewardesses are wearing special costumes. The innovative, made from high quality raw material products receive very good evaluation from the users, while the modern equipment and competitive articles allow to expand the company’s activities and to create more places for employment. The company has received a medal for the article of the year and the Lithuanian Confederation of Industries having regard to the accomplishments of the company has evaluated the work of the company as very good and chose Vilkijos gija to be nominated with The successfully working company of 2012 award.