T1 Gija

T1 Gija is a knitting company, established in the city of Kaunas. Its history starts from the year of 1935. T1 Gija manufactures clothes made for men, women and children. It delivers to the market stylish and modern sweaters, jumpers, jackets, pantsuits and skirts. The produce of the company accords to the strict quality requirements. The accordance is ensured through experience accumulated over many years and professional employees. Per one year the company manufactures approximately 200 thousand various knitted articles, 95% of them are exported to foreign countries. The knitting company is working with the clients from Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and from other countries. The military of countries that are the members of NATO, the military of Lithuania, police, firefighters are wearing the products of the company Gija. It also knits clothes for the fans that has various sports teams merchandise on them. The company is improving the traditions, which have been here for many work years, by applying modern and technologically advanced equipment. Not long ago SHIME SEIKI and STOLL knitting equipment of 3-12 class were acquired. It provides an opportunity to use many patterns and to create original designs. The professional specialists working in a team can fulfil technically difficult ideas and thoughts of the designers and the designed and manufactured knitted clothes is of a high quality and is feasible to the buyers of Lithuania, Western and Northern Europe. The company has received a medal for the merchandise of the year.