PLLC (UAB) Ogiseta is the group’s Gija design and sewing company. It’s a modern company comprising the manufacturing process of all of the clothes: from an idea to the final result. The works done: - Template design - Multiplication of templates - Printing of tiles - Printing of templates - Cutting of the material - Industrial sewing - Embroidery

Modern computerized systems are used in the company. With a remote control (but not with a pencil as it is common to not have a specialised equipment), the designer draws the templates on the drawing board, then the designer transfers them onto the computer, where an appropriate software calculates a certain amount of fabric meant for the model and size of the clothing, and then the designer alphabetizes all of the article’s parts. This way the fabric is used more rationally.   The whole process is done with the help of the computer. The templates are sent via the Internet connection to an appropriate printer and a cutting machine, which especially precisely cuts out the parts in the fabric. This equipment simplifies the manufacturing of the templates greatly and this determines a more efficient work in the company, quicker fulfilment of the requests and bigger manufacture volumes.