About us

about t1 gija The company group Gija is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in Lithuania. It renders a vast assortment of knitted and sewed articles, the services of sewing, knitting and related services. The group of companies, which was founded in the city of Kaunas and which history starts in the year of 1935, consist of:
  • T1 Gija, which renders knitting services;
  • Vilkijos gija, which renders sewing services;
  • Ogiseta, which renders design and sewing services.
The many years experience of Gija group and resilience helps to ensure the high quality of articles, design, cutting and embroidering services.  The certificates of quality and ecological manufacturing proves this. This is proven as well with a long year partnership with the clients in Lithuania and in foreign countries. At the moment 300 people are working in the company.  Professional employees who have accumulated huge experience are manufacturing articles for known companies, wholesalers around the world, as well as for military, police and for other important institutions, which require the accordance of very high standards.